Media Drowns Out the Whisper

This is a short blog. On purpose, I don’t have much choice. On average, within 28 seconds something else will grab your attention and I am a distant digital memory.

I believe that the number 1 cultural hinderance to hearing God is…


Blogs, Tweets from my followed celebrities, Facebook news feeds that never end, TV episodes that everyone says you must watch, YouTube viral videos of the week, 24/7 News Channels, 2500 Texts a day, emails ad infinitum.

How do we hear God?

Only when we are quiet. Even then He usually speaks in a whisper.

Quiet? Are you kidding? Only losers sit without an internet connection to keep them occupied. That’s why I got an iPad! I don’t even have to get out of bed now to log in.

Think about it. We can’t hear God because a new news feed from the Huffington Post just hit Google Reader interrupting my 13 seconds of Godly meditation that was occurring against my will because my wireless connection had a slow down.

Maybe if God had a Facebook account we could hear Him better. If He would only post to my wall what He wants me to do that would be prime. Then I could ‘like’ Him.

I am ending this blog now because you already have 3 instant messenger beeps and 4 texts to respond to. I know you are busy.

Busy with media.

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