What Location Do You See God From?

There are generally 3 locations to see God from once you are a Christian.

Moses’ tabernacle in the Old Testament illustrates these 3 locations because it contained 3 places people could see God. First, there was an outside area called the outer court. In the center of the outer court there was an enclosed tent that had 2 rooms. The first room was called the Holy Place and the inner room was called the Holy of Holies.

The Israelites could not go into the 3 locations at will. They were told where to go and see God based primarily on birth family and gender. They didn’t have a choice in the matter. Whatever location they were assigned to that is where they stayed their entire life.

Israelites 3 Locations of Seeing God

Location 1 – The Outer Court : People in this location could see God in nature around them by viewing the sky and mountains. They also heard truths about God from the Priests. But they could not meet God face to face.

Location 2 – The Holy Place Room : People who got to go into this room could actually read about God themselves from the scrolls and they also got to tell the people in the Outer Court what they read about Him. But they could not meet God face to face.

Location 3 – The Holy of Holies Room : God Himself resided here and the High Priest alone got to meet God face to face.

When Jesus died on the cross the curtain dividing the 2 rooms split open telling the world that no matter what location you were born into you could now go into the Holy of Holies. Everyone could now see in and was welcome to meet God face to face. It was God’s original plan for mankind for us to spend time with Him face to face.

Why then do I resign myself to a far away location and call it good when I now have a choice? I do have a choice just like the Israelites, I can choose to view God from:

Christians 3 Locations of Seeing God

Location 1 – Just experience God through the things He has created and listen to a good sermon on TV or at church given by the speaker.  This location is where the largest crowd of Christians hang out.

Location 2 – Choose to read about Jesus myself by reading the Word of God and even share it with others. This location is made up of the group of people that are willing to minister to others.

Location 3 – See, talk, and know Him directly – face to face – spirit to spirit.

Location 3 is awesome – at least the times that I have been there!

Why don’t I go there more? I know it is not a crowded place. Is that the reason? Am I scared to go where the crowds don’t go? Why don’t the crowds move from location 1 to where God’s full presence is? Why do I spend most of the time in location 1 and call it normal Christianity? Why don’t I want to talk to God directly? Why do I want to get all my news about Him through others?

Not sure why I struggle with these questions so, but I pray I never stop struggling at the least and embrace His face to face at best.

Do you struggle with this same thing?

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  1. Enjoyed this! Good thought

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