How to Grow Plant Stimulant #1 – Hunger

My passion is growth. I want to grow as fast as weeds and as strong as an oak tree. I want to be a part of a whole forest growing together too!

I hope it is obvious that I am not talking about growing physically but spiritually and soulishly. Is soulishly a word? My spell checker doesn’t like it. Hopefully, you understand more than my word processor.

Most of my life I have been looking for the secret fertilizer; the fertilizer that I can pour on myself and cause me to become mature overnight. And if you get on my nerves I want to pour it on you too when your back is turned.  🙂

God wants us to grow too. He calls it maturity in the Bible. One of His goals is to grow us up from little tiny stalks to the oak tree like Jesus.

Unfortunately I have not found the secret fertilizer that causes miraculous growth. If you have, can I buy it from you? I would take out a second mortgage to get it.

What I have found instead is some plant stimulants. They don’t cause overnight growth but they do encourage growth – all be it at a much slower pace. So I want to share with you my 3 plant stimulants over the next 3 weeks. The first plant stimulant is found in this verse.

A person who is full refuses honey, but even bitter food tastes sweet to the hungry. Proverbs 27:7 (NLTSE)

Hunger is the first plant stimulant. When we stop hungering for more of Jesus and what He wants to do in our lives we start dying. In over 30 years of ministering I have often wondered why some people grow and some do not. I have been amazed when I see some growing like weeds and then just stop. Until recently I never understood why. I think this verse explains it. Those that grow and keep growing never become full; they stay hungry, even after a good meal.

The greatest enemy of growth is – well growth. I have been blessed to know the Lord like I’m not sure I ever thought possible. I have eaten much honey. But even with all of my blessings if I say I don’t want anymore, that what I have is enough, then I will stop growing.

Satisfaction is the great enemy of Christianity.

The challenge is this: How do I say I want more of Him while simultaneously being thankful for what He is doing. I guess the key is to always be grateful and never take Him for granted.

Either way, pour this stimulant over yourself daily by telling the Lord that you love who He is but you are not full yet and want more of Him! I think He will like that and definitely answer in the positive!

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  1. Your 30 second summary of Burnout was great ~ concise, to the point and accurate! Good Job! Those that haven’t heard it would benefit and could be a cause for some reflective thinking!

  2. Lois and I discussed this subject of growth and maturity in the area of our finances. I decided that it was time to act mature in this area through faithful tithing and good stewardship of what he has entrusted to me. Immediately a minor spiritual attack of fear tried to attach itself to Annese. We prayed and spoke peace in her and she is now fine. That is when I knew I was onthe right track.

    Yes, we must stay hungry for the righteous things of God.

  3. Yes! always wanting to explore MORE of who God IS and how HE wants to bless us ….all those “IF YOU – THEN I WILL” verses .
    The financial area (Tithe, Offerings, Alms) always seems to get attacked and standing firm is a killer to the god of mammon yet I never cease to be amazed at how the bills all get paid. He does supply all our needs and an abundance for every good work. 2Cor. 9:6-8
    God is faithful! Vicki

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