Faith Fiction : What Resurrection?

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” The words were heard across the entire hillside and caused everyone that heard it to pause in their footsteps. Everyone’s attention was turned to the body of flesh hanging on a tool of death called the cross. They watched as Jesus passed from life unto death.


“Get out of here, you Jesus disciples. You are not welcome here. Leave now. You’re disturbing my guards. You already said that He was supposed to have risen from His tomb yesterday – the third day. He was a liar, can’t you see that? He was no different than you and I, except you played the fool,” barked the Captain.

The disciples walked away in bewilderment for the second day in a row, trying to understand how they possibly could have been so deceived. He seemed like a god when He was alive. But He wasn’t; the tomb door hadn’t moved as He promised.

That night depression settled in on every disciple. Each one hung his head in disappointment. They had wanted with all of their hearts to see Jesus’ words come true. They should have been waiting for a visitation from what Jesus called the Helper1. They had believed Jesus when He said greater miracles shall you do than you have seen me do2. Their heartbreak at not being able to experience any of these things could not be concealed3. Around midnight, each person walked out into the night in silence to separate parts of Jerusalem, never to speak to each other again.


Jesus never rose again from the dead. The following corrects the lies of history you have been told:

Date 306 AD – Istanbul: Emperor Constantine declared that the official religion of the Roman Empire would be goddess worship. This corrects the lie that it was Christianity. Christianity died within a week of Jesus’ birth. The Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and all Protestant Churches were never started.

Date 1492 – Portugal: Christopher Columbus is a poor fisherman. He did not discover America, because there was no personal god to give him a vision.

Date 1517 – Germany: Martin Luther spent his life in a monastery – eastern mysticism monastery. His days were filled with mantras and chants. Started the reformation? Are you kidding? What a lie. He didn’t even know what the New Testament was since it was never written.

Date 1776 AD – Philadephia, PA: Philadephia is the capital of one of 15 individual countries in North America. There is no United States of America. All 15 all run by dictators. There is no democracy.  You cannot have a democracy unless individuals are given worth. You were told that Christianity gave you this. But what is Christianity? There was never a document called the Constitution outlining equal rights. There is no concept of equal rights. There was a man named Jesus who lived for 3 years who talked about it, but no one remember. This explains why society today in the West is built on class structures and abject poverty.

“…if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith4

1– John 16:7
2 John 14:12
3 John 10:10
4 1 Corinthians 15:14
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  1. I was taught that Constantine was a “sun” worshipper not a “Son” worshipper. That his mother was a Christian. Is this true?

  2. You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shniarg.

  3. It\’s much easier to understand when you put it that way!

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