How Many Friends Do You Have?

I was stunned. Sitting at a restaurant I was watching a young couple at another table. They were obviously dating. So far so good.

What wasn’t good was that most of the time they were on their phones texting. Who knows who they were texting? Surely not each other?

What is this behavior? I am seeing it in public more and more. I guess I am just getting old. But I am of the generation that a date was for getting to know your – well your – date.

Have you noticed that we know more facts about more people than ever? I know what my friend ate for lunch today from Facebook. I know that my former coworker moved companies because of Linkedin.  I know that the worship leader at church has released a new song because I saw it on My Space. I know every prophecy given in the country this week because of Elijah List. I know exactly where my kids are at because of text messaging. I have gotten some great quotes for my next blog from my favorite Bible teacher via Twitter.

It’s funny, I know a lot of things but it doesn’t seem like I really know anyone.

Connected but alienated. This is the paradox of our digital culture. Constantly in touch but never really touching.

Maybe I just need to turn off my electronic leashes and actually talk to someone in sentences longer than 140 characters.

That would be strange. I’m not sure I know how to do that anymore.

I like having hundreds of friends on Facebook. I feel like I am really someone now. Did you know that you can buy Facebook friends? Really – – 1000 friends for only $100. Get you a friend for only 10 cents each!

There is something just not right here.

But do I have a real friend I can actually call or go out to dinner with? Hmmm……I wonder how many of my Facebook friends would do this with me?

The problem is if I stop looking at digital images of my life and try to really interact with someone how will I find the time to keep up with all of my digital feeds?

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  1. We can even reach out and touch someone – without really touching them, know all about them – and not know them…
    I guess life is just easier this way.

    I saw a cartoon the other day. A pastor announced that it would be “Friends Day” to bring your friends.
    Several brought their laptops.

  2. That’s Good and so True!

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