Apostolic Pastoring is Emerging

What do you think of when I say the word Pastor?

It’s often warm thoughts about comfort. I hope so any way. Pastors are to be comforting.

But I am afraid American pastors have put all of their emphasis on comforting and not much else.

Many Americans think their pastor’s main job is to make them comfortable and well fed. If they don’t do it…well…as the saying goes, “it was nice knowing you.”

As a result, American sheep don’t ever stop getting feed and rarely get any exercise. So we end up with extremely fat sheep. So fat, they can’t even move with the Spirit anymore.

God is raising up a new type of pastor with an apostolic anointing. The word apostolic means building for a purpose. So apostolic pastors are going to be different than a traditional pastor. How so?

Apostolic Pastors are more than paid adult baby sitters.

Whoaaa. There I said it. I feel better. Good thing you can’t fire me.

Sheep that are used to the traditional American pastor are going through some good changes as God releases a new breed of apostolic Pastors. Here are some of the changes:

  • They will not change your diapers forever. They will help you learn how to do it yourself by passing you the diaper pens as you need them.
  • Help you develop muscle by finding and exercising your gift. When you hit the playing field, they will be your biggest cheerleader.
  • Help you tackle root causes of problems in your life and not just your ‘felt’ needs. They are looking for lifetime solutions.
  • Teach you to prophecy and not just phone 1-800-PROPHECY.
  • Bring you into true maturity and not just give you enough to maintain.
  • Be conquerors and not couch potatoes!
  • Do all of the above with great love!

Oops, my pastor is calling and asking something of me. Gotta go. I think it’s time to find another sheep pen.


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  1. Whoaaa! That’s good stuff! Think I’ll forward it onto some of my friends in the U.S.!


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