4 Levels of Finances

I have noticed 4 levels of finances.

1. Poverty – You have less than what you need. Notice I said need, not want. This is when you eat only bean soup and all your things are being repossessed.

2. PassableExactly what you need, nothing more. You have graduated to frozen dinners, your car runs regularly, and your house is in a part of town where it is safe for visitors to come over and not get their car broken into.

3. ProsperousMore than what you need. You even have some extra that you can give away. You get to plan out your meals as to what you like chased by dark chocolate afterwards. Your car is paid for and is younger than your first born. You have fancy doo-dads in the house like flat screen TVs, and family pictures taken somewhere besides Sears or Wal-Mart. All paid for of course, not on the credit card.

4. Pipeline – Much more than what you need that becomes a pipeline of wealth to enterprises God supports.

We are all at one of these financial levels. Hopefully, you are at least in the passable level and moving into the prosperous stage. Either way, I want you to know that God wants to make all of us a pipeline of finances to change the world and usher in God’s kingdom. The differences in the levels are due to more than luck. The difference is due to two things: skill and stewardship. Both can be learned. They are not genetic abilities passed on in your physical DNA by your Mom.

But rest assured, without both skill and stewardship, you will never become a pipeline.

God needs pipelines. He wants to change this world and it takes more than love as the hippies of the 1960’s chanted. It takes love and money.

To acquire wealth that you can pass on to others requires skills to get that wealth. Winning the lottery is frankly…a long shot. Waiting for the government to make you wealthy is even a longer long shot.

To acquire wealth that you can pass on to others requires stewardship. Stewardship is the ability to hold on to money and not waste it but distribute the wealth correctly. The biggest obstacle to learning stewardship is learning when to say enough is enough for us. It is learning that with every increase in wealth I get it does not automatically mean an increase to me. Stewardship means that God is giving me more because He has chosen to channel money into the earth through me. It’s as simple as that. When He can find someone that will faithfully receive money and send it like water down a pipeline to others without taking their cut they are well on their way to being a pipeline.

You can be prosperous without being a pipeline. But you can’t be a pipeline without being prosperous. It all boils down to does money have you or do you have money? Pipeline people have been given money by God to see His purposes carried out. They have realized there is no greater joy than being God’s partner in the earth. They know their reward is both in this earth and in heaven.

I want to make a simple challenge to you. Identify which level you are on. Then ask God to move you up one level with the final goal go becoming a pipeline sometime in your future. God will show you how to get the skills and to develop the character of stewardship if you ask and seek at each level. How we handle ourselves at each level is what develops the skills and stewardship we need. God does not teach you these things when you get to level 4. You are learning them all along the way.

Pray to become a pipeline, it’s better than being just prosperous.

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