9 REs Holy Spirit is Doing in You

Holy Spirit is on the move more than I have ever seen. He is doing two things. First, he is creating passion and purity in Christians for Jesus. Second, he is preparing and positioning us for the purpose of expanding our influence in the world for kingdom values. He is doing both of these at the same time. I have listed 9 words that begin with RE that I see him doing. I believe that he is doing these in this order too. Each word builds on the previous word. 

1. REfocus – on the person of Jesus

It’s time to focus on the simplicity of walking with Jesus, individually and in church (Matthew 22:37). 

2. REmove – distractions

We refocus on Jesus by removing distractions. Simplify your activities personally, reevaluate what we are doing in our churches, spend less time internet scrolling, watching news, etc. Bu   syness is distracting us from the main thing of getting to know Jesus. Jesus is inviting us to be friends. Friends make time for each other (John 15:15).

3. REveal – Jesus to us

If we purpose to refocus on Jesus and remove distractions, Jesus will reveal himself to you (Jeremiah 29:13).

4. REdefine – who you are and your assignment

When he reveals himself to you amazing things happen. He will show you how you were created and help you return to the image of God you look like. He will also reveal the good works he created you for. Works that will excite you and show your purpose in the world (Ephesians 2:10).

5. REform – you based on definition

After redefining you, Holy Spirit will reform you. Reform your character, skill set, passion to carry out the calling he has for you on earth (1 Peter 1:5-8). 

6. REposition – based on new definition and formation

After reforming you, he repositions you to influence others. The redefinition and reformation process is hard. But be flexible and don’t give up. When you see how he is repositioning you, you will be glad. Repositioning may be new job, new location, new friends, etc. It will be unique to you (Psalms 32:8).

7. REwards – rewards based on reposition

When you have walked through steps 1 through 6, he has positioned you for rewards (Galatians 6:9). You have to be in the right place to get the rewards. You have to be the right person to get the rewards. This is what was going on with Joseph in jail. He had an awesome dream, but he wasn’t able to walk in the rewards yet.

8. REsponsibility – comes with increased rewards

With rewards, comes increased responsibility to steward the rewards for Jesus (Luke 12:15-17). We are in partnership with him. In charismatic Christianity, we have often made the mistake of thinking all of the rewards are for us. Some will be, but most are for the expansion of Jesus’ kingdom. That is why we need a base of friendship with him. He will share with us his plans that we are a part of. 

9. REst – walking in rest through everything happening

God is teaching us how to do all 9 steps in a lifestyle of sabbath rest. In a lifestyle of peace. The days of striving, groaning, and doing things in our own strength are over. 

What more can we ask for, find out who we are by centering on Jesus, being made like him, being effective according to things he desires and enjoying the journey at the same time.

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  1. Love you, thank you so much!

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