The 3rd Major Music Change is Happening!


The 3rd Major Music Change is Happening!

Music is undergoing its 3rd major change!

3 Major Changes

The first major change was during the Protestant reformation in the 1500s. Hymns were introduced. For the next several hundred years, hymns declared the majesty of God, His word, and were powerful teaching tools. Hymns were about God. Hymns paralleled what was happening in the Reformation. A return to how to be saved and the importance of learning the Bible.

The second major change was in the 1970s with the Charismatic Movement and all of its derivatives. What we now call Modern contemporary worship became popular. It also goes by the names of praise music and choruses. Modern worship is to God. It was designed to show that we could not just sing about God but come closer to him by singing to him.

The third major change started in the early 2000s with the Apostolic/Prophetic movement. This movement is birthing Prophetic worship. It is also called spontaneous worship, spirit worship, or singing a new song.  Prophetic worship is singing with God. It is listening closely to his voice while we are singing and being willing to sing out anything we are feeling he is saying now. It is cooperating and partnering with him at the moment to accomplish what he wants.

I realize there have been many other movements and iterations, but as I see it, these are the 3 big changes.

Why does Music Styles Change?

Music always changes when there are major moves of God. You can see that pattern above. Music affects people. When God brings change, he also changes music to help communicate the changes.

In this third major change of music, it is not only music changing, but it is changing the focus of services. Pre-Reformation during the Catholic service, the Mass was the center of services. Post-Reformation the Message was the dominant event in a service. In the apostolic/prophetic movement Music is becoming the dominant event. Music that brings us closer to God in intimacy with encounters. We need intimacy with God to better partner with him. So there are structural changes along with the moves of God.

What is the point of these changes? 

To bring us close to God. We started off singing about him. Then we started singing to him. Now he is teaching us to sing with him – to take part in what he wants done. How exciting is that?

What do I need to do? 

Be willing to experiment, open to change, be patient as we learn to partner with God in prophetic worship. Putting on a new wineskin is difficult.

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