4 P Steps to Make a Difference

4 P Steps to Make a Difference--b&w

We all desire to make a difference in the world. We want to find our purpose and do it. Where do we start? Check out the 4 P steps below and see if it helps.

  1. Presence 

The first step we need to do is get in His presence. This is the most important step! Spend time in the presence of God. Seek Him as a person. As we spend time with Him, we discover how much He loves us, areas to change, and what He wants us to do next. As you obey His voice, you will discover what your purpose is. We find our purpose in spending time with a person – the Father!

  1. Purpose

As you spend time with Him, He will give you tasks or assignments to do. They will reveal our purpose over time because everything the Father asks us to do has that goal in mind.

By going to Heaven first to meet the Father He will show us through our obedience how to bring Heaven back to earth.

  1. Plan

When He gives us the task(s), pray for wisdom, next steps, etc. This insight will cause a plan to form. Our job is to do the Plan with the power of Holy Spirit.

  1. Persuade

Want to make an impact? Want to make a difference? Want to persuade people? Then do it God’s way. Get in His presence, find our purpose, execute the plan, and persuasion will come in God’s time.

This will complete the circle. You went to heaven to meet the Father. The Father’s kingdom has now come to earth.


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