Make God Your Senior Business Partner

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I believe that one of the greatest ways that God is going to move is at work and in our businesses. Here are some principles to consider in running your business or your part of the business if someone else owns it.

PRINCIPLE #1 – To Obtain Wealth It’s Best to become an Owner

There are different ways to own. But the main idea is you have to get to the place where money works for you – you do not work for money.

For example, employees working for you when you are not, people paying rent on your buildings when you are not, investments paying you interest or dividends when you are asleep.

Definition of Wealth:I am not talking about being filthy rich. I am talking about having enough money coming in that you don’t have to work if you don’t want to. How long can you go without working? That is how wealthy you are?

Becoming a business owner does not guarantee that you will make more money than an employee. But it is the only door that you can go through that makes that opportunity possible.

One note to business owners. Don’t form 50/50 partnerships. They are trouble. We formed a 51/49% partnership. Somebody has to have the ability to make the final decision.

PRINCIPLE #2 – Commit your Business to God

Commit the business to God that He would be glorified.

Many people think God is only in the church. That He doesn’t care about anything outside the church.

Make God a Senior Partner. Ask Him how to run the business.

The Lord can help you with everything in life. He wants to and  is actually a very good business man. The book of Proverbs is full of things that you can use in business.

PRINCIPLE #3 – Apply the Golden Rule with Your Employees.

Treat your employees like you would want to be treated. I want to say that it does bring gold. Treat them like God treats you. You may say, “they are just employees!” They are people that are valuable and God wants to show them His love through you.

If you will care about your people too then they will help you make money and not waste it.

PRINCIPLE #4 – The Lord Can Give You Business Strategies

Have you heard about the story of George Washington Carver. It is the story of how God can give you new strategies. George Carver was an American in the 1800’s whose mother was sold to slave traders. He had to figure out how to make a living.

The land was bad from growing cotton for hundreds of years. People were realizing that the land would be good for peanuts, but people didn’t know what to do with peanuts 150 years ago.

He cried out to God, “Mr. Creator, help me.” He asked the question, “Why did you make the peanut.” in frustration. The Lord gave him strategies over the next many years of 300 products from the peanut that he could sell – like peanut butter and peanut oil. He is considered one of the greatest inventors in our history.

PRINCIPLE #5 – Don’t Compromise in Your Morals

How many of you know there are legal ways to make money and illegal ways? There are also ways that are not illegal but also not quite right.

How many of you know you can sell anything if you will only give something back to the person you are buying from? Some of these things are OK like meals. Some of these things can be bigger like money for bribes or parties, etc.

Do what is right and the Lord will take care of you.

PRINCIPLE #6 – Use the Golden Rule with Your Customers.

Always give in sales what you would want to be sold. Many business people will see how much they can get out of their customers. We have to make money but if you cheat your customers they will eventually find out. This will cause you more business lost than is worth.

Realize that one satisfied customer will tell 1 other person. 1 dissatisfied customer will tell 7 others.

Your best advertising is word of mouth and a good reputation. In America the best form of advertising only results in 3-4% sales. If it’s a local business you will get most of your sales by treating customers with the golden rule too.

Give them the best service, give them the best product you can, treat your customers like you will be treated. It may cost you a little money now, but you will get it back in return sales.

The great department store Rich’s in Atlanta (which is now a part of Macy’s) grew because in the 1960’s they were the first store to allow a no ask return policy! They treated their customers with the Golden Rule philosophy and were greatly blessed. Their policy is now standard at any store.

Do business with honesty and integrity. If things aren’t going good and the customer found out be honest with them. Customers can tell if you are lying, if not they will very soon.

Several years ago a big survey was done of the Fortune 500 companies in America. It was asked, what is the number one thing you look for in top leaders in your company. Guess what the answer was? Not management skills, not money skills, not ideas –  Integrity! A man of his word.

Men who live by lying and cheating do not last long in business. People will eventually avoid them.

PRINCIPLE #7 – There is no Way to Get Rich Quick

You don’t get wealthy or prosperous quickly. It is built by making lots of small decisions correctly over time. If you try to get rich quick you will only do something that you will regret over time.

Make being a good and Godly business owner a long term thing. In the end you will have a business and livelihood that you will be proud of. You will also give the glory to God because you know that He gave you so many creative ideas, endurance, and favor.

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