4 Ds for a Leader to Move Forward


It is not easy to be a leader – for yourself or for others. You have to continually ask and answer, “What do I do? When do I do it? Why am I doing it? How will others react?”It is easy to become paralyzed and not move forward.

I have created a short mnemonic that I remember to help me keep moving called the 4 Ds.

4D’sof Leadership – Discern, Do, Dump, Destiny

  1. DiscernDirection
  2. Do Direction
  3. Dump Distractions from the Direction

4.Destiny is arriving at your intended Direction

Every person has their own leadership style based on their personality. How you implement the 4 D’s will vary. For example, to discernwill be different for each person. Some people need to get quiet before the Lord, others do a lot of research, and others will ask many people. We all do a mixture of this but whatever method is best for you follow it to get discernment.

After discernment start doingin the direction of your discernment. Take little or big steps but take a step. Adjust your doing as you move as needed but keeping doing unless you need to get more discernment on your discernment.

While you are doing, every distraction possible will come your way. Deal with your distractions by dumpingthem as soon as possible. Avoid getting hung up, side steps, procrastination and delays. Keep your eyes on the direction you have discerned.

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. ― Winston S. Churchill

It will not be long before yourdestinywill be in sight.

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