Don’t Make this Mistake in Hearing God’s Voice

Don_t Make this Mistake in Hearing God's Voice

It is important for all of us to hear the voice of God. It is life. It is our inheritance as sons of God.

Wouldn’t This Be Next?

When God speaks to me and gives me the next step to do I get excited! Unfortunately though, I assume what the next step after will be based on the step He just gave me. This is an easy mistake for me to make. Since He told me to do step A, I automatically assume the next step is B. Many times it is, but it is important to stay close to the Lord because often He will tell me to go to step D after A. Do you understand the metaphor here? What I assume is the next step based on my experience may not be what He wants me to do next.

If we are not careful we will stop listening closely when He gives us direction and assume the direction we are going is always going to be the direction. This is presumption and can get us into trouble. The direction we are going in will not stay the direction forever. We have to be careful to not live by momentum or presumption alone.

Stay Close To Him Always!

As an example of this mistake in listening to God, Jesus told Peter to sell his second coat to get a sword.

Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”  Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:34-36 (NIV)

Peter used this sword to chop off the ear of the guard who was arresting Jesus. Jesus told him to buy the sword. Wouldn’t you think this would be the reason Jesus told him to get it? While this seems like a logical step, Jesus told him no.

Jesus replied, “Friend, do what you came for.” Then the men stepped forward, seized Jesus and arrested him. With that, one of Jesus’ companions reached for his sword, drew it out and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear. “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. Luke 26:50-52 (NIV)

It’s important to always stay close to Jesus even if He just spoke to you!

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