Satan’s Cord of Three Strands

Satan's Cord of Three Strands

The following is an excerpt from the book The Surpassing Greatness of His Power by Rick Joyner

“Satan also has a cord of three strands which is not easily broken. It is composed of the religious spirit, the control spirit, and the political spirit.

The religious spirit seeks to have us base our spirituality on the performance of religious duties rather than by seeking a relationship with our Redeemer.

The control spirit works with the religious spirit to impose compliance, even with biblical standards, but a compliance imposed by external pressure rather than by the Spirit through a change of heart.

The political spirit empowers the first two by having us focus our attention on what men think rather than what God thinks. Satan has effectively used this cord to bind almost every new movement to date.

The movement which effectively resists these attacks will unquestionably have the greatest potential for fully crossing over into the Promised Land that has been given to us in Christ.”

Craig’s Thoughts – Wow! Lord show me where ever I walk in a religious, control, or political spirit instead of your Spirit.

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