Does Your Chronological Age Match Your Spiritual Age?

Does Your Chronological Age Match Your Spiritual AgeI love discipling people and raising up leaders. That is why many of these blogs are around spiritual growth issues. As a result I had this thought.

Are there characteristics to look for in a disciple based on physical age? 

I think there is IF!

IF the person has been following God since their teens. 

IF the person has been moving towards maturity all of their life.

IF the person continues to grow in their leadership and ministry abilities.

Of course, these are general characteristics but I have found them to be rough guidelines based on decades in your life. If you started following God later in your life rest assured He can speed up the growth! I do believe the steps listed below are standard and no matter how fast you proceed through them they are the general steps to be successful in ministry.

Spiritual Characteristics at Different Age Decades

20’s – Finding Out Who We Are as a Person

30’s – Finding What Our General Ministry Areas Are

40’s – Walking out Who We are and Growing in Ministry

50’s – Training Others in Who They are and What their Ministry Is

60’s – Overseeing Others Walk Out Their Ministry

Your thoughts?

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