All The Nations Living with the Father

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, Matthew 28:19

Last night at church we celebrated our version of the Feast of Tabernacles. This is the last of the 7 feasts God commanded Israel to celebrate yearly. This is a time where the people live in tent like booths (tabernacles) outside for 7 days. It has been celebrated for thousands of years.

The feast of Tabernacles has a double meaning. The outdoor living in tents remind the Israelites of coming out of Egypt when they had no home. But it also points to a future when everyone will live together in God’s presence.

This everyone is all nations. Nations means ethnic race or tribes in the Bible. There is coming a time when all nations will live together in God’s presence with Jesus as King over all.

Last night in the church was wonderful to see different nationalities celebrating God’s diversity and future plans for the human race in one place. Everyone there lives in America but not everyone was of the same ethnic race. This is a good analogy of how one day everyone will live in the Kingdom of Jesus while being from different nations or tribes. In the auditorium stood people of Mexican, Korean, Roma, Mongolian, Guatemalan, Australian, and American background. It was an prophetic picture of what is going to happen over all the earth one day.

It seems hard to believe with all the division in the world we will ever live in harmony. But it will happen. This is what The Feast of Tabernacles prophesies. Somehow, someway, sometime our King Jesus will ‘tabernacle’ with us and bring this about.

Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. Revelation 21:3

Until that moment lets live with celebrating diversity in others knowing each of us contains a unique part of the image of God. Let us learn to see and hear God in everyone.

Let us also learn to live with God in our Spirits now. Even though He is not physically with us as He will be in the future we can still ‘tabernacle’ with Him in our spirits. This is a part of our inheritance as Christians. The Feast of Tabernacles will come to a physical completion in the future but it starts now.

John 1:14 says, “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt [tabernacled] among us.” 

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