Father, Son and that Third Guy

Ok, I get it that some people think the Holy Spirit is creepy and want to have as little to do with Him as possible. Sometimes I think people believe the persons of the Trinity are the Father, Son, and that Third Guy.
A major national pastor, author, and speaker recently held a major conference telling Christians that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not for today and we put too much emphasis on Him. I know sometimes Spirit filled people do get weird. But how can we put too much emphasis on a member of the Godhead?
Why do the the gifts of the Holy Spirit scare people? I understand the concept of a Spirit blowing when He wants (John 3:8) can unnerve us, but do we forget that the Holy Spirit lives inside of us? He is not in Heaven like the Father but inside of us.
We can’t keep ignoring Him. Well, I guess we could but we shouldn’t. The Holy Spirit does have something to offer besides being a placeholder for a trip to heaven.
Let’s not make the Holy Spirit just a doctrinal statement. Acts 1:4-8 it says we don’t have power unless we involve Him. Do you want the end times to come? Acts 2:17 says a sign of the end times is all flesh is going to prophesy. Prophecy is one of the Holy Spirit’s gifts so how can we prophesy without getting to know Him?
How did we as a church get scared of the Holy Spirit and act like He is Casper the Ghost to run away from?
You cannot be led, walk, be taught, or comforted without actively engaging the Holy Spirit. Without Him we will not be able to worship in spirit and truth (John 3:8).
He’s not the silent part of the Trinity.
It’s time to rebuke the fear that exists around the Holy Spirit. It’s time to move from the concept of that Third Guy to talking to Him. You will find the fear was put there by man and the devil and the Holy Spirit is a nice person once you get to know Him!
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