Have You Ever Said God Would Never Do That?

I was reading where God told Ezekial to cook his food over human dung (Ezekial 4:12). I thought, “God would never ask that.”

Have you read where God told Isaiah to walk around the city for three years totally nude and barefoot (Isaiah 20:3)? Are you sure you want to enter the ministry? God would never ask that.

I say these things are not rational! Why can’t God just say what He wanted too through these men?

First, God likes object lessons. Remember where Jeremiah was told to bind himself up as a sign of what God was going to do to some kings (Jeremiah 27:1-5)?

Second, God didn’t go to the same schools we did and He doesn’t think like us.

Ezekial had many miracles and was a great prophet. But did you know it costs and is bewildering to follow God. Ezekial had to lay on one side for 390 days and the other side for 40 days (Ezekial 4:9-12). 

Naaman had to dip himself 7 times in the Jordan River to get healed (2 Kings 5:10). Does this make sense to you? God would never ask that.

God would never ask us to do some of these things. It’s not rational. When, and not if He does you have a choice of following rationality or God. One of these will be your god.

There is nothing spiritual about being weird. We don’t want to be weird for the sake of being weird. That’s just weird.

But weird is weird to us because we measure it by our experience and the experiences of others. Do we want God to do something new? If so, it could be weird. 

God will ask us to do something that will be hard to believe. He likes to see who is our God and make dramatic statements at the same time.


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