It’s the Season for Connections

You are only 6 people away from meeting anyone in the entire world. Frigyes Karinthy in 1929 proposed that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

The kingdom is moved forward by connections.

Ruth would have never met Boaz and been in the lineage of Jesus without the connections of Naomi. Paul was not able to get an appointment with the elders in Jerusalem without the connections of Barnabas. The Bible is full of incidents about how our purpose is moved forward by our connections with others.

God uses connections in our lives to fulfill His purposes in us.

God often does open miracles to help us. But His usual method is to bring people into our lives, and vice-a-versa, to help us achieve what we cannot do our own. Christianity is not a one man show. He has made us interdependent on others. That is why He calls us the body and not just an individual. We need things and people to do what we need to do. It is usually through others – connections – that doors are opened and opportunities are given.

It’s the season for connections.

I believe that since 2013 there has been a noticeable increase in God making connections for us with people that are there for us to help and for them to help us fulfill our purpose. Pay attention to who God is bringing into your life. Pay attention to the Spirit’s leading as to who He may be asking you to get in touch with. Don’t discount these leadings, they may just be the connection you need to go where He wants you to go.

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