It Sure Does Take A Long Time!

Have you ever noticed it often takes a long time – a real long time for God to fulfill his promises to you?

We probably have all heard of the story of Abraham waiting 25 years for the promised son Isaac to be born. This is definitely a long time but do you realize the promise to Abraham was to be the father of many nations.

As for me, this is my covenant with you: You will be the father of many nations. No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations. Genesis 17:4-5

It was in verse 16 of this same chapter when God was speaking to Sarah that a son was promised. What’s the point Craig?

Abraham didn’t really see his promise fulfilled even after 25 years He was the father of 1 not nations! Let me give a quick genealogy lesson.

Abraham’s son Isaac had 2 sons – Jacob and Esau. This took another 60 years! So after 85 years Abraham was the father of 3 sons! A start but definitely not a promise fulfilled.

Do you feel like your promises are slow in coming are just slow? It happens a lot but God thinks in generations! This is how God is often described in the Bible:

I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob… Matthew 22:32

When God promises you something it will always come to pass if we continue to walk in his ways. But we often think they will happen tomorrow, or at least by the end of the decade. Sometimes they do and sometimes they will be fully realized in your children and even your grandchildren!

Abraham’s grandson Jacob was the one chosen by God to fulfill his promises to Abraham. Jacob had 12 sons. The last was born when Jacob was around 100 years old. So Abraham finally had 12 great grandchildren – a total of 15 sons – after 185 years! Not nations yet but we can finally see how 12 tribes were going to come about. We now know millions of Jews around the world call Abraham their father. He has indeed become the father of many nations.

Some of the promises given to you are like a seed – like Isaac was to Abraham. It will take faith and patience to believe more can happen. But without you there will be no fulfillment of the promises in your children and grandchildren. If you give up because it seems so small nothing will happen at all. If you are the first one to get a promise for your family or area you have the hardest job because no one has ever seen something like what you are describing and they will think you are crazy.

Never give up on your promises. You carry the seed, someone after you will see it double (Isaac had 2 sons not one), someone after that will see a great multiplication (Jacob had 12 sons)! But none of it would be possible with out your faith!

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  1. Very encouraging word. Thanks for the perspective shift!

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