3 Ways God Brings Things to You

There are 3 ways that God brings things to you. This includes needs, wants, and fulfillment of promises.

1. To You

This is the direct approach. This is where God just gives you what you need directly to you. This could be a surprise check in the mail, a great idea gotten in the shower, or a gift from a friend.

An analogy for this approach is when your Father gives you a present on your birthday. You didn’t do anything to get the gift.

It’s fun and basically no work to have something given to you. God does this often and it is awesome.

2. For You

This is the indirect approach. This is where God provides what you need through others for you. God does this because He enjoys seeing others minister and serve others. It is a reflection of His nature. It teaches His people to be servants and sensitive to His leading.

This approach requires us recognizing where God leads others to work on our behalf. It is often a humbling experience and shows that we are not an island but a part of the entire body of Christ.

3. Through You

This is where God wants to work through you to accomplish what you need in your life. The ‘To You’ approach is where a father gives a fish to his son.  The ‘Through You’ approach is where he teaches you how to fish.

Father God loves doing this with His sons and daughters. Instead of just giving us stuff He teaches us how to create and get our own stuff. It is like a Father passing on the family business to his son over a long period of time.

The Lord loves training us to think like Him, act like Him, do business like Him, and speak like Him. This is why He loves the ‘Through You’ method of giving us stuff. If He just gave us stuff then we would never know much more about Him except that He was generous.

This is one reason that He will not rescue us from our problem. He wants us to draw close to Him and seek advice on how to overcome our problem. If we are constantly rescued from our problem then we will always be vulnerable when that problem comes up again. But if we learn how to overcome our problem then the problem can’t overtake us again in the future. We have become mature and victorious in that area!

Enjoy the To You, receive the For You, and become awesome in your journey of Him working Through You?


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