Can a Church Be a Family?

“Churches should not be treated like Franchises that are run by CEOs but Families that have a Father.” – Craig Cooper

I believe that one of the major paradigm shifts that the Lord is doing in the earth is to help turn Churches from organizations into families, unique families all across the earth. Just as physical families have unique qualities that cannot be copied and franchised so groups of Christians – Churches – should have unique qualities. There will be common traits in all Churches like worship and prayer since we have the same Father but each gathering of Christians is to be a unique ‘child’.

When a Christian gets saved they become a part of a family based on blood – the blood of Jesus. Just as each of us is part of a physical family based on bloodlines the same is true of your Christian family. We have a common spiritual bloodline as Christians – we have the same Spiritual Father.

As we understand the shift from the Church as an organization to a family unit it will have big consequences. For instance, we will no longer just become a member of a non-profit organization called First XYZ Church. We will not leave a Church and join another one like we are changing which grocery store we shop at. Instead, we will become connected – really connected – to the other people. They will become like family to us.

In a physical family when we get mad at someone we don’t just run away and never come back. We eventually deal with our issues and continue to eat together at dinnertime. God is restoring that same kind of commitment to family in our Churches. If sister ‘so and so’ or brother ‘know it all’ gets on our nerves we are not going to just pick up our membership card and transfer it to another church. We are committed to eventually working it out and eating dinner together again. Think what an impact that would have on our life and on the world if we believed that the spiritual bloodline of Jesus was to be taken this seriously.

As the Lord takes us on this journey we will find that some of our spiritual family members will be just as close as physical family members. It is even better when these are the same. I know it is idealistic, but I am looking forward to the day when a group of people are so committed to growing together in God and with each other that 10 years later they are still doing it. Is it possible? Yes; I am walking with quite a few spiritual family members that I have walked with for 10 years. 20 years? Why not? A lifetime? I think it can be done and I am on a path to try.

How about you?

“Relationship is what moves the kingdom forward.” – Craig Cooper

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  1. In such a short, simple message, there are a lot of truths to digest. People are looking to belong, to feel loved, to love, and to be of value. The family and relationship structure answers so much of that. In one way, this is a subtle change. In another way, it is a huge change to most Christians mindset. Thanks for publishing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks. I agree with your observation. In one way it is subtle, but in another way it is would cause huge ramifications.

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