Recipe for Deliverance

Boy, Have I been all over the theological map when it comes to deliverance and Christianity!

In my early 20’s I was at one extreme where I didn’t believe demons could ever bother a Christian. Deliverance was so out of my ministry grid that I had trouble spelling it.

Then in my late 20’s I became a full blown card carrying member of the Charismatic movement. You may know that in the 1980’s we were all learning that we had demonic activity in our life and there was something called a deliverance ministry. At that time getting deliverance was the answer to all of our problems. Something wrong? You must need deliverance!

During this time we thought that the louder you yelled at demons the faster they would go. I remember after my first time of ministering deliverance one night I couldn’t talk for the next 2 days because I was so hoarse!

25 years later and many deliverance sessions I have come to realize that either extreme is not the most effective in helping Christians. I have found that it is a combination of 3 things. Let me share with you those three things and what I believe is the right combination to get delivered from what oppresses us and others.

So here goes, here is the recipe to get someone delivered from demonic oppression.

Mix the 10 parts below to get Deliverance from the Enemy:

7 parts – Pour In Biblical Principles : Put in mixer with your mind and apply until it is renewed. Deliverance can’t help what we won’t walk out.

2 parts – Mix In Inner Healing : Stir in to the bowl with your emotions until resentment, wounds, and offenses are healed. Spice up the mixture with liberal amounts of forgiveness as needed.

1 part – Cast out Demonic Spirits:  Remove demonic activity through deliverance from the batter of your body until it is pure and white.

I am not an expert at cooking in the deliverance ministry but I have used this recipe to see many people free and tasting good.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think you are on to the truth!

  2. Hey Craig, We are SOOO on the same page w/you! !! BEEN THERE—DONE THAT!!!!!! Amen to Darien’s comment 🙂

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