My Search for Parenting Help

I have spent the last couple of years searching out and reading a lot of books on parenting. I have been trying to find guides that would help me be a better parent and at the same time fit in with what I felt comfortable using. My searching has ended and I wanted to share my research with those that may have a similar interest. I have found two books that I think give a good overview of how to be a better parent. You can find these books online and at Christian bookstores.

Loving Your Kids on Purpose – by Danny Silk

Loving Your Kids on Purpose is about improving your relationship with your child. It is not really about helping you to train your child. It guides you in connecting with the heart of your child. This is very important and is to be a foundation of our parenting.

Here is an excerpt from the book’s description: Most parenting approaches train children to learn to accept being controlled by well meaning parents and adults. Unfortunately, God is not going to control us as we gain independence from our parents. We must learn to control ourselves. This book will teach parents to train their children to manage their freedoms and protect their important heart to heart relationships.

Parenting by The Book – by John Rosemond

Parenting by The Book guides you how to train and discipline your child in a very practical and simple manner. It takes the basic principles of the Bible on parenting and tells you how to apply them. It centers on training your kids in 3 principles – Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness. I liked it because it was not complicated and downplays behavior modification ideas that almost all parenting books – including Christian ones – use. It does not make the kids the center of your life but guides you in training them to live well after they leave.

Here is an excerpt from the book’s description: Picture respectful, responsible, obedient children who entertain themselves without television or video games, do their own homework, and have impeccable manners. A pie-in-the-sky fantasy? Not so, says family psychologist and bestselling author John Rosemond. Any parent who so desires can grow children who fit that description — happy, emotionally healthy children who honor their parents and their families with good behavior and do their best in school.

These two books – one on connecting and the other on training your child – are like the 2 skis your feet need to stand on. Taken together I believe they give a good framework on how to be a better parent. Hope these help all parents that need it!

What are parenting guides/books you have found helpful? Other parenting Thoughts?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m always on the lookout for more parenting help! LOVE Danny Silk’s book! I devoured it the first time through, and now use it for frequent reference! I’m intrigued by your second recommendation and can’t wait to read it as well. Thanks for giving us the benefit of all your research!

  2. You’re welcome. The two books are quite a bit different but in my mind talk about 2 different aspects of parenting. Let me know your thoughts if you read the book.

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