I am a Victim by Abigail Cooper

The world, including Christianity, has been writing and working a lot lately on the subject of Human Trafficking. One organization I follow that works in this area is Exodus Cry out of Mike Bickle’s IHOP organization.

My daughter wrote a poem about the subject that I wanted to share with you today in our weekly email.

I am a Victim by Abigail Cooper

The Rocking and pounding of the ship,

Is nothing compared to my heart,

For I know, once this ship stops moving

So will my soul

Because I am a slave,

On my way to my doom,

But I am not the slave

Of which you read about in your history books,

I am a modern girl, born of the suburbs,

My hands are not yet calloused by hard work,

Although they soon will be

My body is not yet tormented by my master

Although it soon will be

Because I am a victim of human trafficking

I was tricked into “love”

By a man ten years my senior

My heart

He did not care for

Only my worth.

My life meant nothing to this monster

He lied and schemed

And now my life is done

I will never be rescued,

For no one knows where I am

I ran away with the monster

So they consider me stupid but safe

Do not be a fool

Tell someone the truth

So that you will not also become

A victim,

Of human trafficking.

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  1. The subject of human trafficing is so horrific. Thank you Abigail for sharing, you are a very talented young woman.

  2. It is frightening to know that this goes on right in our very own backyard. It is even more frightening to know that for the majority of people, christians and non-christians, we have chosen to put blinders over our eyes and pretend that it’s not. The thought of my own little girl makes it even more of a reality. It is my opinion, that we as christian must ask ourselves the question, “What can I do to help bring light to this darkness”. We may not have an excessive amount of money or political influence, however, we all have a voice. It’s time we choose to use that voice and begin calling out to our heavenly Father to intervene and put a stop to this horrific thing called Human Trafficking. Outstanding poem Abigail! Thanks for posting it.

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