Remember the Prodigal Son Story?

Do you remember the Prodigal Son Story told by Jesus in Luke 15? If not go back and read it. There are a lot of profound truths in this parable.

I have always concentrated on the lessons to learn from the younger son who took his inheritance early and spent it all and ruined his future. In many ways I have gloated, internally of course, on how I have never done this and how great a son I am to the Father.

But I have just had a rude revelation.

I am the older brother in the story.

Yes I am. Don’t try to talk me out of it. I like flattery but it won’t work today, maybe tomorrow, but not today.

How you may ask? I knew you were going to ask that question.

I am self-righteous like the older brother.

I am not secure in my Father’s love like the older brother.

I rarely partake in the Father’s goodness by going to feasts with him where they are serving fatted calf.

I keep trying to prove that I really am a son just like the older brother

I know, I know, none of you saw it coming.

Well I got to go now. I have so much work to do for my Father before the sun sets.

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