Happy Easter!

I hope you had a happy Easter today (or yesterday depending on when you are reading this).

I want to share with you a great story from our Calhoun location that happened last week on Palm Sunday.  The children’s ministry had asked the week before if they could do a skit for the Church on Palm Sunday.

Of course, being the gracious pastor that I am I said, “Sure, that would be great.”

The time came for the skit and the kids entered the main room with my youngest daughter dressed up like the Easter bunny. She had on furry ears and whiskers painted on her face.

My first thought was, “what have I gotten myself in for. Surely we are not going to do an Easter bunny show. That is not the kind of thing I want to promote in the church.” I continued to watch trying to keep an open mind.

The next thing I saw was one of the boys dropping plastic Easter eggs in a line across the front of the room. My mind started groaning, “Oh my goodness. What is going on? Surely I have trained the Children’s leaders better than to do bunnies and eggs on Easter Sunday.”

One of the boys then said, “we are laying a trap for the Easter bunny.”

I started repeating to myself, “it will be all right. We will figure out some way to make this spiritual when it is over.”

I watched as the Easter Bunny is lured by the Easter eggs into a trap where other kids catch the Easter bunny and make her sit in a chair.

Then an amazing thing happened. In almost 40 years of ministry I have never seen what happened next. The kids surrounded the Easter bunny and started witnessing to her! Before it was all over the Easter bunny got saved and spoke to the audience, “Jesus is better than the Easter bunny.” My son, Israel starts leading the other kids in a song that had the chorus, “Jesus is better than the Easter Bunny!”

Needless to say, it was an unique event! Many churches banish the Easter bunny from their service but we got her saved! That is what I call restoration ministry! Amen!

Hope you have as much success this week as these kids did!

Love – Craig

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