There is Nothing to Prove

Jesus at the beginning of His ministry was sent into temptation in the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. The devil immediately came to him and said “If you are the Son of God, change this stone into a loaf of bread.” (John 4:3).

Was Jesus not the Son of God? Couldn’t He have proved it right there? He could have easily turned the stone into bread to prove that He was God’s son. He had more than enough power of the Holy Spirit or anointing to do this. Isn’t this what He was sent to earth to do – prove that He was the Son of God – the Messiah?

Jesus did not turn the stone into bread. There are many lessons we can learn in this passage but I want to point out this one: Jesus would not use His power or the anointing of the Holy Spirit for Himself – even to prove who He was.

If we ‘need’ the anointing to justify or prove that God is with us we will use the anointing at the wrong time.

If we ‘need’ the gifts of God to validate that God is with us to others we are prostituting it for our glory.

If we ‘need’ the gifts and power to prove to ourselves that God is with us we will forever be on a tread mill needing signs and wonders.

If we do this we don’t know who we are – the sons of God. Sons don’t have to prove anything.

Sons get their validation from who they are and the position they hold in their Father’s heart, not from the things they have.

Jesus did not try to prove that He was a Son of God. There was nothing to prove. He knew His Father’s voice and that was all the confirmation He needed. Whether anyone else believed it or not was not important.

Relax, spend time with your Father. Listen to His voice. Ignore the devil’s asking you to prove something.

There’s nothing to prove.

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