Why does the 1st Century get all the Good Stories?

Why does the 1st Century Christians get all the good stories? I love the stories in the book of Acts. But I am ready for some stories of my own. I am ready to hear your stories!

I am amazed that Christianity spread to all of the know world in one generation. They had no forms of modern communication like MySpace, Fox News Channel, Facebook, Text Messaging, or IM. They also had no New Testament, Charisma Magazine, Christianity Today, TBN or CBN.

I am provoked.

It only makes sense that God wants us to walk in the same power and character that the 1st Century did. They, along with the life of Jesus, showed us the model of how Christianity is to be lived. I believe that it was God’s will for each succeeding generation to take what the previous generation did to a higher level. I believe this was to continue until the Kingdom of Heaven was brought fully into the earth like Jesus prayed in the Lord ’s Prayer (Matthew 6:10).

We have acted like all of the good stories are over. We have become satisfied with telling stories from the past.

I want to create stories that my grandchildren will tell. I want them to read them at bedtime and be provoked to create their own stories in their life.

I want those who follow me in life to read of my courage, my faith, my commitment, my miracles, my love, the things that I took from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the light. I want them to read of stories that could only happen because the Holy Spirit partnered with a person to transform the area around them.

God wants to raise up another generation like the first century where every Christian is full of the Holy Spirit. Where they have made the Holy Spirit Lord and walk in His fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. I want to see it everywhere and upon everyone. 200 decades between us and the first century is long enough.

There are four things that keep us from believing that we can write our own stories.

1. People – We tell ourselves, others tell us, religious well meaning people tells us that God doesn’t move that way anymore. Jesus said to go and I give you all authority.

2. Rough Times – When we encounter resistance we often believe that it is God’s will telling us to stop. No, it simply means that there is resistance and we have to fight to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into the earth. We continue fighting till our circumstances line up with our theology instead of lining up our theology with our circumstances. In Star Trek – The Next Generation, the Borg enemy had a phrase, “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.” Let’s adopt this phrase towards our enemy, “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.”

3. Offense – When rough times come if we don’t realize that “God is good all the time and the devil is bad all of the time” we will blame God for rough times. When we blame God we will then get offended and distance ourselves from Him. When we distance ourselves from Him we will distance ourselves from the power and insight to change our rough times. Offense is a vicious circle.

4. Guilt & Shame – The devil will torment you with your past mistakes. This is a tactic of the devil to stop you. After you confess your sins, others may remember, you will remember, but God does not. You are forgiven. So partner with Him to change your future and tick off the enemy!

It’s time to create some stories. Resistance is futile.

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