New Beginnings

I want to share a few thoughts with you on this last day of 2007 before we enter 2008.

2007 has definitely been one the hardest years of my life. As I look back over this year many thoughts come to my mind but one dominates. That thought is that I am a son of God. What? Two reasons I say this:

First, He has been disciplining me. Hebrews 12:7-11 says that if we are the sons of God He will discipline us. Discipline means correcting and training us so that our future paths are straight and prosperous. If we are not disciplined then we either are not sons or we have grown hard and won’t listen. By the amount of correction I have experienced this year my paths must have been pretty crooked.

Second, He has been pruning me to the point that I don’t think there is any vine left! I have wanted to run from the clippers many times. Why prune? For the same reason that a wine grower prunes vines today – to cut away the overgrowth so that the vine can focus all of its energy on better fruit (John 15:1).

I don’t know if your journey has been like mine, but if it has then count your blessings! If it hasn’t then count your blessings! Either way I want to share with the following things to keep in your spirit as we go into 2008. They are a natural outgrowth of 2007! Correction and pruning mean straighter paths and more fruit!

1. Thank God for Expanded Authority

A son is groomed to take over the Father’s business! What earthly father would turn his business over to a son who was not disciplined to run it according to the Father’s heart? Much of what has happened this year is learning to understand the Father’s heart. We have done much business according to how we wanted to see it run. God is increasing authority to those who will run His business how He wants it. As you have submitted to His discipline your authority will grow this year.

2. You Will Be Fruitful

Do not give up on God’s promises to you. Whatever God has promised to you will come to pass if you don’t doubt and walk in fear. The spirit of poverty would love to rob from you. He can only do this if you agree with it!

Instead agree with the fruit your Father has for you. Your storehouse will be full as you stand, believe, and declare. If doubt is trying to overtake you then start speaking in tongues, declare that God is faithful, and that you are a son that has not been forgotten. Actively thank the Lord for your inheritance! You are going to see the promises start being fulfilled!

3. You Are Not Ruled By Your Past

Don’t allow your past to dominate you. Your past is important. Your present is a result of your past. But the past is the past. If you have walked faithfully with God then claim your past as a seed for your future. If you have not walked correctly in the past then repent.

Either way you and your Father are bigger than your past. If we continue to live in the past either in it’s glories or miserably in it’s failures your present will be robbed! Do not be dominated by your past but make a new future with faith in your Father! Learn from your past but move forward knowing that your future is bright as a son!

4. You Will Win

If you follow after your Father you will not lose. You always win. Why? Because God has never lost and I can assure you that He doesn’t plan on losing in the future. You will defeat your enemy because your enemy is your Father’s.

5. You are a Conduit for the Supernatural

Matt. 6:10 (NIV) your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

You are the conduit that God uses to bring the goodness of heaven into the earth! His sons are the connection point between heaven and earth. This year God wants to use you as that channel to bring the supernatural into this natural world. It is your privilege and honor as a son to show the goodness of your Father to a world that believes God doesn’t even want them!

Welcome to 2008! I love the way Chuck Pierce in his word for 2008 gives a summary for this year: “Be Simple and Let this be the Year of the New Beginning!”

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