3 P’s to Succeed

What do you need to succeed? The world says you need a plan, time management, a vision, organization skills, goal setting, luck, and a good product. True. But these things are not enough. Besides these, you need 3P’s that are a foundation to the above. Without these 3 P’s you will fail no matter how … Continue reading

3 Rs to Guide in Disciple Others

Remember the 3Rs from School? Reading, W(R)riting, and A(R)rithmetic. I have 3Rs for discipling others : Relationship, Role, and Release. Relationship All disciple relationships should start with relationship. An open, honest, transparent, caring relationship with other. Care more about your relationship with them than anything they may do, discover, or accomplish. Always walk in grace … Continue reading

Do You Do This as a Spiritual Authority?

What is a Spiritual Authority? It is not just your pastor. It is anyone that has influence over others. This can be a parent, spouse, employer, small group leader, teacher, discipler, or pastor. We want to be the best spiritual authority possible. Here are some questions to ask ourselves to be the kind of spiritual … Continue reading

10 Guidelines for Building Community

One thing we want to happen in every church is for a family atmosphere to be developed where people feel like they belong. God is more concerned with us become a part of His body and family than He is about having great meetings. This feeling of fellowship and family with one another can be … Continue reading