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Marriage – Is it about Happiness?

I want to talk about one reason I believe so many marriages don’t last – they get married for the wrong reason. So when the reason they get married doesn’t work out they separate. I believe many people marry for happiness.  This expectation will set you up for a crisis in your marriage. Happiness is … Continue reading

Family Newsletter Time

December – It’s that time of the year when I get family newsletters from friends and relatives about what is happening in their family. You know the kind – you get a Christmas card with a printed out newsletter inside that is being sent out to all their friends. BEFORE I go on with this … Continue reading

My Search for Parenting Help

I have spent the last couple of years searching out and reading a lot of books on parenting. I have been trying to find guides that would help me be a better parent and at the same time fit in with what I felt comfortable using. My searching has ended and I wanted to share … Continue reading

3 Things To Pray Over Your Family

For years I have been praying the following 3 things over my family almost every morning as I start my day. They are easy to pray, comprehensive, and it focuses my thoughts on my family as I do it. I share this with you in the event that they may be something you might want … Continue reading