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Family Newsletter Time

December – It’s that time of the year when I get family newsletters from friends and relatives about what is happening in their family. You know the kind – you get a Christmas card with a printed out newsletter inside that is being sent out to all their friends. BEFORE I go on with this … Continue reading

My Search for Parenting Help

I have spent the last couple of years searching out and reading a lot of books on parenting. I have been trying to find guides that would help me be a better parent and at the same time fit in with what I felt comfortable using. My searching has ended and I wanted to share … Continue reading

3 Things To Pray Over Your Family

For years I have been praying the following 3 things over my family almost every morning as I start my day. They are easy to pray, comprehensive, and it focuses my thoughts on my family as I do it. I share this with you in the event that they may be something you might want … Continue reading

Your Whole Family Can Be Saved!

3 weeks ago on Sunday morning at our Dalton location the Lord gave me a word for the congregation that I shared. The word was essentially that your whole family can be saved. By whole family He meant the generation that came ahead of you if they are still alive (i.e. parents, grandparents, the generation … Continue reading