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Life or Marketing?

I recently observed in my reading of the gospels that Jesus never marketed his ministry. I am not against advertisement, Facebook events, commercials, etc. But the thought did lead me to question how his fame went around the country. It seems like his fame came about for one reason – He had life. He had … Continue reading

So You Want to be An Apostle?

The American church somehow has elevated the topic of Apostle to something it is not. It has become a glamor position for the most spiritual and deserving. This is not what the gift of Apostle is. Here are 3 questions I would ask anyone that thinks they are called to be an apostle. If they … Continue reading

3 Rs to Guide in Disciple Others

Remember the 3Rs from School? Reading, W(R)riting, and A(R)rithmetic. I have 3Rs for discipling others : Relationship, Role, and Release. Relationship All disciple relationships should start with relationship. An open, honest, transparent, caring relationship with other. Care more about your relationship with them than anything they may do, discover, or accomplish. Always walk in grace … Continue reading