New RC Merchandise for Sale!

We have new Relationship Church Merchandise for sale! You can buy online or in the lobby after church.

Worship Leader Boobbleheads 

We have all your favorite musicians Kyle, Jason, Sean, Mike, James, Diane, Caleb, Jeff, and Joshua in surprisingly real life boobleheads. Put these in your back window and crank up the Praise music! Rock out with your favorite worship team! If you are ever depressed just flick Sean’s bauble head and you will feel instantly better!

$9.95 for one or $14.95 for two. Bright colors with accurate faces and expressions. Realness Guaranteed!

Prophetic Gnomes Statues for Your Yard

Get Jan, Cynthia, Craig Gnome statues for your yard. Place them around your house and you will have 24 hour spiritual protection. No need to go to church to get someone to agree with you in prayer. Put them in your prayer closet with you! How cool is that? Instant agreement. Having problems with bugs eating your roses, it’s been reported that if you put a prophetic gnome in your garden no insect can stand against you!

Get 1 for $9.95 or the whole set of 3 for $19.95. Plus in each box will be your own individual prophecy typed out just for you!

Leadership Baseball Cards

Leadership Baseball cards of all the leaders with stats on the back!

For example: Mike Thompson’s stats include his first public appearance as worship leader, most successful song written, the date he brought in the first electric guitar to RC, and his most common sins done to date.

$3.95/card or a pack of ten for $29.95.

Some of the cards are especially rare and are almost sold out:

Rookie Cards including Ed Langham’s 1956 Ordination.

Craig Cooper’s 1995 Founding of the Church wearing a suit.

James Busies’ 2002 – The year of becoming the senior pastor at Dalton yelling No!

Darien Cooper’s 1996 – RC’s First Woman Preacher. Lists all the men who got up and walked out on the back.

Ron Busie – See Ron with Hair. Definitely a collector’s edition!

Chuck Hankins – Riding a Yamaha! Yes this proves he has not always rode a harley.

Personal Benefits

These will give you the power of the 3Ps – prosperity, protection, and peace. So buy why supplies last!

You can rest assured at night that besides your own personal benefits all profits go to a good cause. We are hoping to pay off the senior pastor’s credit card of expensive purchases he has made to maintain status and prestige that is so necessary to maintain the Senior Pastor mystique in America. What better cause than that?

(P.S. Just kidding folks – None of this is true but don’t you wish it was!)

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