2012 – A Year of Movement Forward

As I pray about this New Year the word that I am getting is that it is a year of movement forward.

The last 2 years have been a time of consolidation. A time of figuring out where we are at, gathering ourselves together after many battles, and taking stock of who we are. In many ways it has not been a time of moving forward per se but a time of regrouping after several years of moving forward. This has been a hard time in some ways but it has also been a time of relative peace.

This year God is going to bless all of the dedication and sacrifice that you have made over the last several years. A lot of what you have been doing is getting yourself into a new position to move forward with the peace and confidence of God on your side. You have to reposition yourself regularly to receive more of God. Those of you who have been faithful to do what God has asked you to do are going to see movement this year.

What do I mean by movement? I mean that you are going to start seeing new things and new directions in seed form come into your life. There will be excitement because you are planting new seeds in the ground that you have never seen planted before. Some of you have been dreaming about these seeds. This is the year that you will see some of them put into the ground and joy will return. Movement forward will come into your life in 2012!

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