New Book! How to Be a Religious Demon

I have just released a new book called How to be a Religious Demon. I know it’s a strange name! No, I don’t want any of you to become a Religious Demon. Let me explain.

The book is a work of fiction based on truth. It is written from the perspective of a high ranking demon called The Master who is in charge of teaching demons how to deceive Christians into giving up a relationship with God for a form of godliness called religion.

How to be a Religious Demon

Here are two excerpts from the book.

As the demons walked to the front door of the Graduate School they stood in awe. Not one of them had been inside before. Only students, alumni, and the professors were allowed. Outside of Lord Baal’s headquarters this was the most elegant building in the organization.

“Welcome, I am The Master and my job is to train you into the most elite demons on the planet, religious Masters. There is only one goal of your training. Eliminate passion for Jesus from the hearts of humans.”

I believe you will enjoy the book and will give you a different perspective on how to develop your intimacy with the Lord and receive new insight on how to minister.

For a free preview of the introduction, information on ordering a paperback copy, or buying an ebook or PDF copy visit here

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