I Want a Weight Lifting Strong Soul!

My soul is so wimpy. I need to start lifting some type of soul weights to get it stronger. I am tired of getting ‘sand  kicked’ into my mind, will, and emotions. This has got to end. I would love to have a buff, muscled, lean, and mean soul. But how?

I’m not totally sure. But here is my current workout routine. I will tell you how it goes.

1st Workout Station – Do The Right Thing … Always!

This workout machine is killing my soul. Always? That is the part that makes me feel like I am dying.

2nd Workout Station – Replace Fat Flab with Alive Muscle

But I like my fat. Well not really. But I do like my French fries, mashed potatoes, ice cream, wimpy worship, addiction to multimedia, and pasta that produces fat.

Broccoli? No way. Capture my thoughts? No way. Wait a minute, I wasn’t supposed to say that.

3rd Workout Station – Find God’s Presence and Stay There

I used to think His presence was just to be entered into on Sunday at the anointed faith filled church that has the cool logo and latte bar. But lately God has been showing me at this workout station that He is around at work and at the mall. Strange concept. But I am being diligent to look for Him wherever I go.

I am improving. I did notice Him at Dairy Queen when I was getting a large blizzard ice cream. Wait, was that God or a sugar induced coma.

4th Workout Station – Beat Down Pride and Stay Humble

This workout station is basic instructions in the martial arts. I am learning to do karate chops and high kicks against my enemy called Pride. My instructor tells me that I have to ruthlessly punch him while thanking God for my real strength.

Some days I do pretty good. But I can’t hardly walk today because I pulled a ham string muscle on the last high kick.

Oh well, there is always next week. Till then I am getting breakfast in bed from my wife. Bless her Lord!

5th Workout Station – Practice Spiritual Disciplines

My personal trainer tells me that what I do in my off time adds greatly to my workout sessions. He tells me to get plenty of water through the word, focus my concentration with meditation on the Lord, and let my prayers be continual. He says these are disciplines that must be a part of my life outside of the gym.

OK. I can see his point. But I did get strange looks while standing in the line at the grocery store praying. The check out lady made a manager come over while she put my stuff in the bags. What’s up with that?

6th Workout Station – Repair Wrongs You Have Done

My cholesterol and blood pressure is too high. Do you have this problem? Seems to afflict many people. My doctor says that I have to get the bad stuff out of my body. I told him, “Ok, take it out.”

He just laughed.   He told me, “you have to take it out by getting the poisons out of your body through changing your bad behaviors.” He continued, “apologize to your body for mistreating it and start treating it correctly.”

“You mean I have to ask forgiveness for the wrongs I have done and make it right,” I asked?


“Whoaa….that is rough.”

“I know. You can do it. Please pay your bill at the front counter.”

As I walked out the doctor’s office with a bill that I thought was too high, I thought, “this workout stuff is harder than I anticipated.”

How is your weight lifting going?

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  1. Groan – this workout stuff is wicked!
    The only hope is the Holy Spirit makes me “forget” to get the Ice Cream and frozen Pizza (on sale), that I really wanted to get!
    This actually happened today!
    And I did NOT forget the Broccoli, fresh veggies, strawberries and yogurt.
    As I drove away from the store realizing …”I forgot….Okay Lord, YOU supply All I NEED according to Your riches in Glory..Thank You!”
    Flesh be still!
    This is just not normal – Do you suppose there’s an angel in the produce department ?

    Vicki Schario

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