Need Power? Meet the Holy Spirit

Boy, do I need more power!

I love being a Christian. I love the Lord. I want to be righteous!

But it seems to be getting harder to do the things I love. Is it that way for you?

I’m not sure what it is that is making it harder.

Frankly, the only thing I know to do is to get to know the Holy Spirit better. Why?

I met Jesus at salvation but it says in Acts 1:8 that He sent the Holy Spirit to us and the Holy Spirit would come with power. So if I already have the power inside of me why don’t I experience it more?

First, here are some things I am learning about the Holy Spirit.

1. He is a person and I am to pursue Him like I do in my relationship with Jesus.

2.  He has an infinite supply of power. Problems are not a problem for Him.

3.  I keep ‘cutting Him off’ from giving me the power I need.

How do I ‘cut Him off’?

At least 4 ways:

1. I Don’t Make Him Lord. In Christianity, we are used to the phrase, “Make Jesus Lord.” But do you know that we need to make the Holy Spirit Lord too? What does that mean? It means the same as it does for Jesus, that when the Holy Spirit speaks we need to unconditionally obey. To get full power He needs to be made fully Lord.

2. I Don’t Listen to His Voice. It is the Holy Spirit that is inside of us. So we have to learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit inside of us. He speaks to us directly! When we refuse to listen to Him as a person it limits the amount of power that we can receive in our life. Don’t limit how the Holy Spirit can talk to you.

3. I Don’t Want All 9 Fruits He Plants. It says in Galatians 5:22-23 that the Holy Spirit can radically change who we are through 9 fruits that He wants to plant in our life. Those 9 fruits are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit by picking and choosing what fruits you want Him to plant. Ask Him to plant all 9 in you as fast as He can and as He sees fit! Our character needs them! How are we going to look like Jesus without them?

4. I Don’t Want All 9 Gifts He Brings. It says in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 that the Holy Spirit also brings 9 gifts that He wants to give us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are often more controversial. Many times we are taught that the Holy Spirit doesn’t bring gifts anymore. Or we are taught that not all of the 9 gifts are available to us today. This is one of the major reasons we don’t have enough power. The 9 gifts are: prophecy, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, miracles, healings, discernment, faith, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Ask Him for all 9 gifts today! When we put a ‘throttle or governor’ on the gifts we are automatically putting a throttle on power in our lives. We need the fruits to be and the gifts to do! Our life needs them! How are we going to do the things Jesus did without them?

When we say no or we are simply passive in any of these 4 areas we ‘grieve’ the Holy Spirit as it is described in Ephesians 4:30.  Grieve means we limit the Holy Spirit from moving in us. He can be in us but not allowed to move in us. When we say yes we open the door to a new person called the Holy Spirit who always brings power!

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  1. Opps! You dropped one of the fruits LOVE!

    Good message !

  2. Thanks – Corrected! Can’t do without that one!

  3. God, you know me better than I know myself. Give me everything, every gift that is rightfully mine.
    Years ago Father God sat me down and shared the calling of my life and said to me, “the plan that I have for you, the destiny I have called you to, I have been preparing you for, for forty years”. I remember sitting there that moment, during this amazing time and saying, “God… that can’t be right. I accepted you in my life when I was 23 yrs of age, and now I am 49.” (The audacity we have at times!?) God said gently and lovingly back to me, “Vaughn, you received Christ in your heart when you were 9 YOA when Oral Roberts prayed with you in Patterson, NJ.” I began to weep, as that memory flooded back into my mind where my 11 year old sister had taken my hand and together we walked down and received Christ. I had totally forgotten. I was taught an amazing fact from that incident. God knew me better then even I know myself.
    So… back to the gift’s of the Spirit. Father, you know us better then we know ourselves. You know everything that we need! Have your way in me!

    If I am truly a follower of Christ I will allow Him all the time, all the space that He needs to complete His work in me! Be blessed!

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