The Hindrance – Faith Fiction

“But, Father, why are they struggling so?”

This question to God reflected the perplexity that was in my mind. I was deeply concerned about a fellow brother in the Lord who never seemed to have any victory in his Christianity. His prayers weren’t being answered, and he seemed to be going backwards.

“Father,” the conversation began again, “I’ve talked with him at length, but we can’t seem to nail down the problem. Please give me insight to help him.”

“Son,” God responded.

“Yes, Lord,” I answered?

At that same moment, my spiritual eyes were opened by God’s power. I could see beyond things that were just physical matter.

“Son, do you see that black dot about the size of a quarter on your friend’s spirit? Look closely,” He said.

“Yes, Lord, what is it?”

“Son, that black dot was only the size of a pin head two years ago,” He replied.

The black spot was already obstructing a sizeable amount of light emanating from his spirit. My mind raced as I thought what might happen if the spot kept growing.

“God, you must do something,” I shouted!

God was silent.

“Father, please don’t consider me brazen, but help him!”

The quiet interlude was only a few seconds, but it seemed like minutes. It was broken by a tear, falling on my arm.

“Son,” the Father’s voice was choked with tears and He spoke slowly, “I can’t do anything—it’s beyond my power. That black spot on your brother’s heart was initiated by another Christian. He treated your brother in a mean and cold way. Your brother did not deserve or ask for such treatment. He was an innocent bystander. That event caused your brother to lose finances and his respect in the church. To this day, your friend has harbored that event in his spirit, and refused to deal with it. That spot is called bitterness. Bitterness caused by unforgiveness.  He is being defiled by his unforgiveness, which is slowly choking out his spirit.”

In my immaturity I asked the next question, “But why can’t you remove it? I thought you were all powerful!”

God patiently answered me. “If I could, I would. But I can only heal when man releases his hurts and unforgiveness to me. Man is often very slow to do this when the pain that comes his way is not of his own doing.”

I asked the Father, “Do I have unforgiveness in my heart?”

The Father replied with 3 questions.

“Are there places and things that cause me to feel pain all over again?”

“Do I find myself staying away from certain people or types of people?”

“Do I have a habit of always bringing up a particular event in my life when I was treated unfairly?”

He continued, “If you answer yes to any of these questions then just maybe you have your own black spots that need to be taken to the cross for healing and forgiveness.”

With that answer our conversation ended and my soul went into introspection.

Categories: Faith Fiction


  1. that was very moving, and the truth in it is powerful. thank you.

  2. Thank you Father for revealing this to us. So many times we get caught up in our “rights”. Jesus says to us “that if we don’t forgive our brother his sins against us then God cannot forgive us our sins.” We must guard our hearts in these days for the enemy roams the earth looking for those that He may devour. May we all have wisdom and discernment to recognize the times that we live in. Thank you God.. and Pastor Craig for reminding us just how suttle the enemy’s attacks can be. Help me to see clearly Father… Thank you.

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