Help, My Issues Have Issues

Issue –Definition: A problem, challenge, or blockage that needs to be dealt with

The Holy Spirit is dealing with my issues. I have a lot of issues. My issues have issues.

I am finding that there are 3 ways to react to the Holy Spirit when He is dealing with my issues.

1. Ignore Him. This is my first response. It used to work. It doesn’t seem to work very well anymore. I think the Holy Spirit’s memory is getting better.

2. Endure Him. I say something like this, “OK, I hear you. The issue is now on my to do list. It will come up automatically on my planner when the due date hits. Do you see it written in? ” Then I go on living life as normal. To call my issue a low priority is an understatement.

3. Embrace Him. Let me give you a word of advice from that famous American shoe company – “Just Do It”. Embrace whatever the Holy Spirit is telling you. Quickly. Get it over with. It’s the fastest and least painful way.

Ask the Holy Spirit to just pull the band-aid off. The pain goes away quicker.

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