4 Benefits of Walking with the Holy Spirit

I have had the Holy Spirit living inside of me for over 35 years. But it’s only been a fraction of those years that I have pursued getting to know Him.

There is a big difference between having Him live inside of me as a Christian and knowing Him. That difference has made all of the difference in my life.

Knowing Him is knowing Him. It’s not knowing about Him.

Knowing Him is knowing His voice when He talks to me.

Knowing Him is carrying on a conversation with Him.

Knowing Him is asking Him not just for answers to prayer questions but for His opinions.

Knowing Him is the best relationship that I have ever had.

Knowing Him has produced 4 benefits in my life. The funny thing is that I really never asked for any of these things. That’s the fun of knowing someone. They just rub off on you.

Benefit # 1 – Contentment

Contentment is realizing that where I am now is enough.

Contentment is not striving for more and being willing to say no to more.

Contentment with godliness really is great gain.

Benefit # 2 – Enjoying the Moment

Enjoying the moment is looking at a wildflower in a field that no one else will ever see.

Enjoying the moment is listening to someone talk without worrying about what I will say next.

Enjoying the moment is realizing that this moment is the most important.

Enjoying the moment is living like the sparrow.

Benefit # 3 –Not Having to be in Control

Not having to be in control removes control from me.

Letting others walk as they want allows me to run.

Not having to be in control allows me to find calm when there is busyness all around.

Not having to be in control allows the Holy Spirit to lead others.

Benefit # 4 –Losing the Need for Approval

When I talk to Him my need for approval diminishes.

When my need for approval diminishes the need for success fades.

When my need for success fades I stop doing things that don’t really matter.

When I stop doing things that don’t really matter I find the Holy Spirit is enough.

How is your journey to know Him going?

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