Recipe for Leadership

Good leaders are made not born. Here is the recipe.



1 part – Knowledge (Classroom Training)
2 parts – Skills (On the Job Training)
3 parts – Community (Walk with people who will be honest with you)
5 parts – Time (Lots of It)



Mix Knowledge, Skills, Community, and Time together with lots of patience. Do not cook in a microwave! Ingredients must be placed in an oven and baked at 500° temperature until done.  For the highest quality leader place ingredients in a slow cooker for extended length of time.

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  1. …and for the “best”… it must be done very slowly; the fire must be turned up and that which is being prepared must be still and allow the fire to complete it’s work… even as God sits over the “receipe” to make sure that it all comes together right!

  2. Well said Vaughn!

  3. Yes none of us are very fond of God’s crock pot.

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