Surviving Difficult Times

We all go through difficult times. Many people are going through them now. Unemployment, under employment, broken relationships, etc.

If you are in one of those times, I want to give you a few short points that I hope will help you survive the shaking that is going on in your life.  These have been learned from personal experience and have helped me.

1. Stay Flexible. The days of things always being like they were are disappearing. Listen for new direction continually. I have found that when God gives new direction it is often only for a short period of time. Realize that many more changes are probably going to be required.

2. Stay Close. Because circumstances are continually changing we need to stay closer to God than ever. Increase your ability to hear His voice.

3. Don’t Become Negative. Negativity kills. Guard your mouth first. Simply refuse to be negative. It brings in many other things that aren’t good. After guarding your mouth, take every negative thought captive.

4. Walk in Faith. Faith is the antidote to negativity. Faith is saying and believing that God will do you right – all of the time. Faith is believing that your best days are ahead because God has already been there and arranged it for you. Ask the Lord to release the faith that is already inside of you!

5. Don’t ask these Questions. There are 2 questions off limits – or bad theology – to ask God. You can ask them, but they will drive you further away from God. These two questions are:

Why did you do this to me God? God doesn’t bring bad circumstances into your life. John 10:10 makes this very clear. God is good – all of the time. If we think God is behind our difficult times then how can we honestly believe He will get us through them?

What did I do wrong? If we are not careful, this question will drive us into introspection to a place where we get depressed. Do not let your difficult times drive you inward but upward. In all honesty, we often do things that bring on difficult times. But immediately turn upward to God and if we did something wrong and if He wants to deal with it He will tell us. It is much better to be led by His voice than ours or others.

6. Ask these Questions. There are two questions that are advisable.

Help me to understand what is going on? This is a valid question, but we may not get the answer soon. I have found that God will usually answer questions about what we are going through, but only after a length of time has passed.

What do I do now? This is the best and most effective question to ask of all. In 1 Samuel 30 it talks about a difficult situation in David’s life before he was king where his home was destroyed, wife and children kidnapped, and his men ready to kill him. Look at what he did in verse 8. He did not become negative, blame God or others. He immediately turned to God and asked Him what to do next. God instantly gave him the answer. David then moved with great flexibility and faith and recovered all.

You can make it through your difficult times. Stay flexible, close, and have faith. Begin every morning asking God what he wants you to do next. Don’t ever stop asking, even when the difficult times aren’t around.

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  1. “He who walks in flexibility shall not break.”

    “He lives in us”.

    “Faith, is not believing that God can… but that He will”!

  2. Wise and timely words. Thanks for taking the time to write them down and post.

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