What an Amazing Morning!

This morning – Sunday Morning – was amazing! We had both our Calhoun and Dalton locations come together for a joint worship service. I want to say I was greatly encouraged in two ways.

First, the worship was absolutely awesome. We had over one hour of worship where the Lord showed up. During that hour people were on their knees, they danced, clapped, did worship banners, and just sat quietly before the Lord. People were engaged all through the hour. I have not seen that level of engagement with the Lord in a long time.  It was awesome to be a part of it and to see it happening. I am very grateful to God that His presence is showing up so strongly in NW Georgia. It is very encouraging. A fresh wind of the Holy Spirit is here and is blowing.

As encouraged as I was with the worship, that was not even the best part. I was encouraged to see the ‘shared leadership’ among our worship leaders. We have been working hard now as a church towards the concept of shared leadership. We believe that the future of leadership is not just on ‘the man’ but ‘the team’. We have been working hard at sharing the load of ministry among a team of like minded individuals. Across a month of Sundays you will see 2-3 different teachers on a Sunday morning. Our counseling load is shared across several people. Our prophetic times are shared among different people. We believe that this is the way God is moving. He didn’t put ‘the man’ over the church. Jesus is the only man over the church and He enlists a team of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Elders, and Deacons to help carry the load.

We have been working towards this style of government for several years and it has not always been easy. It has often been misunderstood. Through this time we have been learning how to submit to other people at the appropriate time. We have been learning to lay down our own ambition and desire for glory and learn to recognize the Holy Spirit moving in others.

This morning during worship I saw how far we had come in working as a team where the main one that got glorified was Jesus. True apostolic teams are being birthed! Let me explain.

The service started off with Calhoun worship leader Mike Thompson leading in 2 songs. Then Dalton worship leader Jason Beavers seamlessly took over and starting leading in worship. The transfer was so smooth it looked like it had been practiced many times. There was no competition, there was no strain, there was just a group of people respecting each other and listening to the Holy Spirit as to when their part to play had come. After Jason lead for a while, Pastor James Busie then led. As the lead passed from one to another, the ones that had been leading stepped back and supported the worship leader that was now leading. They did this with all of their heart. They knew that the anointing was not just in them, which it was, but that the anointing would grow stronger as they deferred to one another at the proper time.

I noticed what was going on because I knew how hard we have worked towards the concept of shared leadership based on gifts and roles for several years now. I knew the battles from within and from without that we have fought to get here. I knew the price it had cost us to achieve this. Today the battles all seemed worth it. I realized that it was no longer just a vision. It was now reality. A new style of government, leading, and serving was birthed.

From the congregation’s perspective it was one seamless hour of praise, worship, prophetic singing, quiet reflection that brought attention to only one man –Jesus.

Team leadership as defined by Ephesians 4:11-12 is being birthed. The anointing from it is flowing.

Yes, I am encouraged. A redefinition of church is occurring before our eyes.

It was an amazing morning.

3 thoughts on “What an Amazing Morning!

  1. Yeah I guess God likes it when his people “come together” and worship. lol.

    God is going to change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.
    The Bickle

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