Third Day Warriors:Passionate – Part 1 of 6

“A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.” 2 Peter 3:8

The year 2000 started the third day since the birth of Jesus. He is raising up spiritual warriors in this third day, warriors that have not been seen in many centuries. They are dedicated to Jesus and to Him alone. Nothing else holds their attention. They have set the eyes of their heart on something other people have hardly even seen, let alone be guided by. Their purpose is to see Jesus as King over this earthly domain. Now.

How do you recognize third day warriors? Looking for the typical religious indicators will not work. Very few of them are full time pastors. Most of them have been living in metaphorical caves and are now just coming out.

It is not easy to describe a third day warrior because no two circumstances are alike. You have to live with a third day warrior to know their heart. We will talk about six words that will help you to spot them. This week we talk about word one:


Third Day warriors are very passionate. Intensely Passionate.

Passionate about inhabitation of God in everything, all of the time.

Passionate about finding God’s heart not His hands.

Passionate about how they use their time because their enemy is the trivial.

Passionate about being dissatisfied with the norm.

Passionate about becoming possessed, by God.

Passionate about increasing when inconveniences come.

Passionate about waking up every morning asking how to change the spiritual atmosphere.

Passionate about going to bed every night with blood on their swords.

Passionate about influencing the world and not the world influencing them.

Passionate about seeing others in their region full of passion.

Passionate about wasting their lives, on a person.


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  1. May the tribe of “third day warriors” increase! Go warriors!

  2. All I can say is… “Send them in Lord!”
    Sounds like my kind of people!

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