Where Are We Now? – A New Confidence 2008-2009

Where are we now in the Church? In my last blog I talked about 7 areas that God has been birthing in His church since 2000. I called the years 2000-2007 A New Vision. For the last 2 years I believe God has been giving us A New Confidence.

As I talk to Christians I am consistently hearing 2 things over and over again. First, there has been much shaking going on! Second, I feel faith – confidence – rising in me. During the first 7 years of this decade I believe that most of the time we were asking, “What is going on?” I believe the last 2 years we have been saying, “Yes, I can see where God is taking us now. I can even see myself doing that.” God has been giving us confidence that we can walk in what He is doing. What are some of these things that God is giving us confidence in?

  • Confident that I can make an impact not just in the Church but in my part of the world.
  • Confident that the Supernatural Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4-11) are not just reserved for the Super Christian but is for me too.
  • Confident because past wounds, hurts, insecurities are being exposed and I am seeing God heal them.
  • Confident because I am finding my gift, position in the army, and the team that I am to belong too.
  • Confident because I am hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit like never before!

God is readying His church to make a difference in the world with power. Too often in the past, we have tried to change the world with just professional clergy and para-church leaders. No more, God is getting us all ready to make a major difference!

Next week – Where are we going?

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