What is a Balanced Christian? Part 1

I have said to myself numerous times as a Christian, “I need to ‘stay balanced, be careful, are you sure you should be expressing your Christianity that way’”. As a Pastor, I have had many people say that to me about our church.

Can I make a confession? I have grown to hate this statement. The Holy Spirit is showing me how it is just my excuse to not follow Him.

What does it mean to be a balanced Christian? Good question. If I am honest this is what it means to me: not doing something different from what I am doing now. I assume that I am either already a balanced Christian or pretty close to it so I don’t venture out into new territory.

I hate to admit it but it’s true. How pitiful when I think this way. It’s said to think that I have reached the pinnacle of Christianity and understand it all.

As I look at the gospels and think about how Jesus modeled how a Christian walks I realize I am using the ‘balanced’ argument to justify my pathetic power and bashful boldness.

As I look at how God is moving in Christianity around the world I realize I am using the ‘balanced’ argument to justify the lack of God’s presence in my life.

As I look at the looks of horror on people’s face when I get passionate about God I realize my argument of ‘balanced’ justifies my cultural Christianity.

As I look at the circumstances that I must change if I ‘pick up my cross daily’ I say, “Craig, you had better watch out, keep things in balance.”

I have come to realize that “keeping things in balance” is simply a code word for status quo.

The devil is scared to death of change in our life. He has convinced me of the same by saying, “if you are not careful you may end up in error.”

The fact is I am already in error.

Jesus told me in His last statement before He ascended to Heaven in Matthew 28 & Mark 16 to heal the sick, cast out demons, speak in tongues, have no fear of poison or snakes, disciple nations, and exercise authority.

Jesus’ Great Commission is ridiculed as not balanced in most of Western Christianity. I would love to see Jesus’ face and remarks if a Western Christian told Him He just needed to be balanced or He may get off in error.

I have another confession to make. I am not balanced. In the scales of Christianity I am so weighed down by Craig’s thinking and way of life that I wonder if there is any of God’s way of thinking on the other side of the scale. I don’t have to worry about getting into error, I am already there.

I am no longer scared of becoming unbalanced, I am scared of never getting there.

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