Faith Fiction – How to Be A Religious Demon – Lesson 3

How to Take Out ½ the Enemy’s Troops!

The Master stuck his claw like fingers through the back of the demon and wrapped them around his ribs. He then jerked him upward and threw him against the back wall. The student screamed in agony. He didn’t realize until he slammed against the wall that he had fallen asleep on his desk.

Black bile leaked out of his wounds. He knew that he wouldn’t live long. No help would ever come from the Master. As the last strings of life left his body, he heard the Master screaming.

“You fell asleep in my class! You imbecile! You dishonoring fool! This will be the last class you ever fall asleep in.”

No student moved as the stench of the dead demon filled the room. The Master looked looking for another opportunity to spill his wrath out on. After a few moments of surveying the room, he could not find one and his rage died down.

“Let us continue, today in lesson 3 we will learn how to take out ½ of the humans – with one thought, with one simple thought. It’s one of the greatest weapons we have in Religious studies.”

“To take out a region’s forces by ½ convince them that half of them are not qualified to minister. Then make that thought part of the foundation of the church’s teachings and you will never have to fight a fully manned army again.”

“Teach them that there is a hierarchy in their kingdom like there is in ours. Tell them that only the people ‘on top’ get to operate in the full power and gifts of God.”

“The thought that you have to plant in them is: Men are at the top and women are not. Talk them out of women being equal ministers in the gifts of God. Eliminate the women from ministry and you eliminate ½ the army.”

“How do you do this you may ask? You can’t use the Bible because it is too hard to bend it to this thought. Just appeal to the natural egotism and simultaneous insecurity of men. They are stronger physically so they will see that it is done. Not much justification is needed. They will pass this false teaching of importance on to their sons, who will pass it on to their sons, who will pass it on to their sons, etc. Tradition will then become as strong as the Bible.”

“Class dismissed.”

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