Faith Fiction – How to Be a Religious Demon – Lesson 1

Undergraduates Control Individuals, Masters Control Territories

“Welcome to graduate school you poor pitiful demonic souls,” the professor said on the first day of graduate school as a sadistic smile spread on his face and the smell of sulfur exited from his mouth.

“It’s important we get off to the right foot, my foot. You think you know something. But you know very little. Your recently acquired bachelor’s degree only means you are one 1 level above stupid.  So don’t act like you do. You think because you got a degree in lust, greed, gossip, or some other wonderful thing, you have arrived. You have only accomplished the basics. Those things are baby demon’s work compared to what I teach.”

“Lesson 1 – Listen up! This is where the true advancement of our kingdom is accomplished. Your bachelor’s degree taught you how to put people in bondage with sin. What we teach here is how to put entire geographical regions into bondage with deception.”

“First point: undergraduates control individuals, masters control territories. My job, as impossible as it seems, is to turn you into demon masters.”

“Never forget this one thing – you are stupid compared to me. Any arrogance from you will initiate a severe humiliation from me. No questions are allowed in this class. You’re training so far has been limited to binding up individuals. Demons that torment individuals are the lowest class of demons. If you are allowed to graduate from this class, which won’t be easy, it is because you know how to torment entire territories and make them like it!”

“I am your master in this class and I will be your master after you graduate. From now on you will address me as ‘The Master’. Do you understand?”

“Second point, Christians are naïve. Your Bachelor’s degree you received in lust, greed, gossip, whatever, taught you how to bring temptations to a person. The person usually knows that the temptation is wrong, but your job as an undergraduate demon is to make the temptation so alluring and exciting that they override their common sense and take the temptation anyway.

“For instance, as a demon of lust, you never tried to convince the person that lust was good. What you did was make that other person more appealing and exciting than they had self-control to resist. It was a classic direct confrontation. Yes, they know it is wrong, but who can resist if you tempt them right.”

“Our enemy’s book tried to warn their troops with passages like, ‘whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, …think on these things’. But we all know that most Christians think they are stronger than they really are and never partner with the Holy Spirit.”

“But to enslave a whole region your tactics must be different. Your weapon is not direct confrontation—but deception. What is deception? It is getting people to do what we want in the name of the enemy – Jehovah. When they are doing what we want but don’t realize it is our idea we have achieved the ultimate victory! They are then constantly living in a defeated state because they think it is God’s way and as a result they repeatedly choose the wrong way as a way of life.”

The Master, pleased with himself continued, “This class teaches you how to get the enemy’s people to commit the grievous but wonderful sin of abandoning a relationship with their God for a set of procedures called Religion. These procedures are our procedures. You know your work is complete when you get their leaders to teach these procedures to the people for you thinking they are from the Bible. You then just sit back and take it easy, it’s a self propagating bondage.”

“Relationship is the core value of our enemy. We must at all costs complicate that message. Relationship is the power of the enemy. Religion is the anti-dote.”

“Simplicity is the method for the message of the enemy. We must at all costs complicate that message. Complexity is our counter attack. The more we can muddle or add to the simplicity of what our enemy did, the more the human will be in bondage. But the deception is to make him think that because he understands something complex he is further along than others and thereby more spiritual. When this happens—we have him!”

“As we end this lesson, remember this — it’s child play to control an individual through temptation, it takes a true demon master to control through deception. See you tomorrow.”

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