The Vision of 700

On Sunday, May 23, 2004, at our first Encounter! Weekend, the Lord gave me an open eye vision. This type of vision is where you are aware of all that is all going on around you, but you see like a movie playing in front of you.

This was the second time I had this vision. Although, the second time was much clearer and more detailed. I want to share the vision with you to give you hope that a mighty spiritual army is arising. And as we continue to press into God and to follow Him we are becoming a part of that army.



I was shown a map showing the terrain of Northwest Georgia lying flat. It was a map of 8 counties. I could see clearly Lookout Mountain on the West and Fort Mountain lining the East side of the map. The geographical area outside of the 8 counties was fuzzy and opaque. The map was burning around the edges and at any moment the whole map looked like it was going to burst into flames. In the center of the map, in the valley between the two mountain ranges, were 700 people in perfect military marching formation. They were lined up NE to SW facing SW just as the valley is laid out.


They were standing in perfect formation. Arms, legs, and bodies were all in perfect alignment individually and with each other. The spacing between each person was absolutely perfectly. I had never seen any army so well formed.


They were following a voice from somewhere but there was no visible leader. You could tell someone was commanding them though. The Lord said, “Look at their eyes”. As I looked closely, even their eyes were in perfect alignment with one other. They all looked forward, left, or right together. Again, it was like they were being remotely controlled from somewhere else. As I looked even closer, I realized that there were flames behind their eyes. It revealed a fire that was burning bright on the inside of them.


I knew by the Spirit that they moved and were controlled by His Spirit. They were well trained warriors that knew His voice and only moved by His voice. As a result, they all moved together precisely. They also knew how to march in formation with other people. They did not walk over, ahead, or behind anyone. They knew their place and were able to keep it.


As I looked on this army a holy fear came upon me. A terrible dread affected my spirit. It was a holy fear knowing that their purity and strength were matchless. I knew they were not afraid of anything and would fight to their death if need be.


I knew their strength was two fold. First, they had an inner resolve to never look backwards or retreat; second, the way they stood together made it almost impossible to catch someone alone or fight them one on one. You would have to always fight more than one of them at any time. The feeling of war, death to the enemy, and absolute strength hung in the air so thick I could almost see it.


The last thing I noticed is that they all looked physically the same. You could not see distinguishing individual details or gender. They all looked the same. It was truly a powerful, nameless, faceless, and seen less generation. The glory was in the whole army and not because of one person.




I knew in my spirit that the 700 represented literally 700 people but also stood for a much larger group of people that He was raising up to be front line warriors in NW Georgia!

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